Statement on the killing of George Floyd and #BlackLivesMatter

Black Lives Matter.

The mission of BBBS is to ignite, empower, and defend potential in our youth through powerful 1:1 mentoring relationships. We hurt when we see racism and injustice. Our Black Bigs, Littles, staff, families, and supporters are among those hurting the most. When we see community members unjustly suffering as the victims of inequality and violence, we all suffer.

Defending potential means that we will stand up for what is right and use our voices and actions to help our kids when they need us the most. Unacceptable acts of violence, like we witnessed with George Floyd and countless others, show how critical our mission is. By connecting Bigs and Littles, we help bridge the gap between races, communities, and cultures and create life-changing relationships. By empowering voices to speak out against injustice, we can help be part of generational change. We will continue to do the work to match children with caring mentors, but we will also lift up and amplify the messages of our partners across Chicagoland who are working to better our community and need our help right now.

We stand against racism, violence, injustice, and inequality.
We stand for connection, positivity, inclusion, and empowerment.

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