Moving Forward Together - 2020 Annual Report

While it’s hard to look back on 2020, the last year taught us more about the importance of human connection, community and resilience than we ever imagined.

Our Bigs became a frontline resource to support kids’ social and emotional wellbeing, finding new ways to be there for Littles and families when they needed it most.

Our donors and partners recognized that this year would look different for our agency – from cancelled events to virtual programs – and stepped up to advance our mission.

Our Littles and families stayed committed to their matches, whether they were masking up, seeing each other from afar or checking in over Zoom. They dedicated time to provide critical feedback on programming, policies and new opportunities for enrichment activities.

Our staff left the office on a Friday in March and have been working remotely ever since, not skipping a beat. Their creativity and continuous problem-solving led to an incredible milestone in 2020 as we served more children and families than ever before and created the first virtual BBBS match in the country.

With your help, BBBSChi has grown stronger and been able to deliver on our mission in a deeper way. We invite you to learn more about the new services provided, investments made and lives that have been changed because of your support. Together, we are poised to continue to do amazing things for our community.

View our 2020 Annual Report here.