Lucky Number 7 - Match Makers

Through Match Makers™, our monthly donor community is helping to change lives every month by matching a child in Chicagoland with their new mentor. This month's story is about fulfilling your resolutions.

Dorothy knows the impact that a Big Brother and Big Sister can have on a child’s life maybe more than anyone. Six of her seven children have been Littles, and just a few months ago, her youngest, William, was matched – making it a perfect seven for seven. Dorothy told us “As a single mom, it’s challenging to give my kids individual time to do what they love and are passionate about.” That’s why she was thrilled that William was matched and able to start a life-changing experience. “I love their Bigs and am so grateful my kids are given these opportunities.”

Jimmy made it his New Year’s Resolution to become a Big Brother. As with most resolutions, it may have taken him a few months to get around to signing up, but we are thrilled to have him, and he’s excited to get started. Working as a bilingual counselor for the Northwest Side Housing Center, Jimmy wanted to give back to children in his community in an entirely new way.

During their first meeting, Jimmy and William wrote down a list of goals they’d like to accomplish together. It’s no surprise that William, being the youngest of 7, has a bit of a competitive streak. He likes to stay ahead of his classmates, which is sure to happen once the match tackles #1 on their list – multiplication and division – math skills which he hasn’t even started in school yet.

The match plans to create a journal to document all of their outings and memories together, which will be a good excuse for William to practice writing – which he loves, and also admits he’s pretty good at!

Over the next year, they’re challenging each other to try five new things together, starting with some new food. Their first outing will be a meal together, where they’ll attempt to add on something brand new to William’s current list of favorite foods: macaroni and pizza!

These stories are possible because of our Match Makers community. If you are interested in joining or learning more, we hope you’ll click here and help us to match more waiting Littles across Chicagoland with a caring, committed mentor.

Jimmy and William at their match introduction meeting.