Former Marathon Runner Steps Up to Support 2019 Team BBBSChi

Corinne, a former Big and member of Team BBBSChi, wrote to us about her experience as a Big Sister and why she wanted to support our team in this year’s Chicago Marathon.

I became a Big Sister at a point in my life where I had some time to give and wanted to spend it investing in our country’s future: in kids. Being a Big Sister was not easy. Finding space in my life to drive out to pick her up, plan activities and events, and stay patient with a child that's not my own had its challenges. But that time as a Big Sister was an opportunity to slow down, push aside my daily frustrations and concerns, and learn to be present for someone else. I left each match outing feeling renewed and whole again.

I also got to watch someone grow up into an adult. As I watched her in cap and gown get her high school diploma, I remembered fondly watching her at her 8th grade band concert: shy and unsure of herself. Now she's in college, advocating for inclusion on her campus and getting involved with a ton of clubs, as well as getting into her intended major. She has tons of friends, studies hard, and is responsible. All of this was her doing, as she's a brave, strong person. Being a part of even a small fraction of her journey has been humbling and inspiring. Being a Big Sister is life-changing, life-altering, and important for our country's future.

Corinne, a marathon runner for Team BBBSChi in years past, messaged us and asked if there were ways to help support our team in this year’s Chicago Marathon even though she had moved across the country and couldn’t run in Chicago. We were happy to hear from her and incredibly grateful to announce that she is helping to give back to the team this year and helping to offset the costs for some of our runners.

If you are interesting in joining Corinne and supporting the Big Brothers Big Sisters Chicago Marathon Team, please visit our runner fundraising pages here.