Bigger Together

There are times when circumstances beyond our control remind us of the power of connection and community. As an organization whose mission is dedicated to creating positive, healthy human relationships, we continue to do everything we can to move this critical work forward. 

Because of you, we can be there for Littles and families when they need us most.

The BBBS staff members are working remotely and making sure our Littles aren’t forgotten. Social distancing hasn’t slowed down our staff’s commitment to keeping our matches connected. We will continue to share stories from our Bigs and Littles as reminders of how powerful these relationships are. We will use this time to bring teachable moments to Littles, resources to their families, and bring matches creative solutions for engagement.

As we move forward together, I want to share an update on the steps we are taking:


BBBS’ Match Support capabilities are paramount right now. Littles and their families are looking for resources and guidance to manage stress, maintain focus on schoolwork, combat negative influences, and establish creative solutions for connection. The BBBS team is that direct line of communication, providing individualized support, while ensuring Bigs and Littles stay connected through phone calls and digital interactions. 


Many of us are wondering what we can do now to be responsible citizens, protecting the most vulnerable, while finding ways to connect with each other. For those that have been considering becoming a Big, there’s no better time to take that first step and be there for a child in your community. Every step in the process to become a Big is now virtual, and we will get you ready for that life-changing moment when you get to meet your Little. 


To protect you and the entire BBBS family, all fundraising events in March, April and May have been postponed, including Spare A Night Out and the BBBS Golf Classic. While we look forward to celebrating with you at an appropriate time, right now we just want you to know how much your philanthropy and your commitment to our kids and families is truly appreciated. Plans are in place for moving ahead and we will be connecting with you to share how you can help.


We are so appreciative of your partnership, advocacy and support to ensure our mission stays strong during this challenging time. If you have any questions, please feel free to reach out to me personally at

Bigger Together - Always, 

Jeremy Foster
CEO, Big Brothers Big Sisters of Metro Chicago